Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cheesy Chili Lime Gold Potato Wedges ...

sans the chili, as I had none in the cupboard, nobody was home to drive me to the store, and they had to go in the oven cos we were HUNGRY! I'll pick up some up tonight, and will be trying the recipe again with the proper seasonings ;) The lime juice and peel gave the potatoes a nice zing - great recipe! Next time we'll try them with a bit of sour cream - I didn't have any this time around. Well - at least I had the limes and the cheese!!! ;)

My youngest son rolled his eyes when I took a picture of the potatoes - he can't believe I post this kind of thing :D


  1. That one sounds 'different'...

  2. They tasted great - don't worry - I'll bring some when I come visit you and Bube's Babies! ;)

    Have fun at your dinner party tonight, gf!!

  3. have to try that... sounds and looks yummi

  4. what is "cilantro"? a herb? cheese?


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