Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bibs 'n Chili :D

Mmmmmmmmmm supper tonight = chili con carne served on toasted buns, cheddar and dill biscuits, and homemade strawberry cheese "danishes" :) I packaged up a couple of containers of the chili and the biscuits for DS1 for his lunch for next week - he can pull 'em out of the freezer and pop 'em in his lunch :)

I sewed up a couple of bibs today to go with the baby quilt in the previous post - discovered I only had the stick-on hook & loop tape. I stuck a piece on the bib, then tried to reinforce it by sewing it. It gummed up my needle immediately, and broke the thread, lol. The worst part is that I'm sure I did the same thing a year or so ago, and forgot the outcome!! Note to self: sew-in hook & loop tape ONLY!!! *doh* :)

Went to Fabricland tonight and picked up some different flannels - 5 metres for a quilt backing, a metre for some gift bags, and half a metre for a couple more baby bibs. I also got some mauve thread to do the topstitching on the baby quilt. I'd like to get that gift (quilt and bibs) finished by the end of the weekend.

I hope I can get everything done that needs to get done ... this is always nail-biting time for me!

Sandra :)

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