Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shelter Quilts - a good thing :)

I had an urge today, to make something, and to finish it. And it had to be something that wasn't a Christmas present, cos I'm getting just a little bit tired o the season ;)

I reached into my magic sack - aka a bag of flannel scraps - and whipped up a shelter quilt (28" X 29") for my favorite shelter ... I love making these wee quilts - they use up scraps, they don't have to be perfect, and imagine how much softer it would make a cage for one of our 4 legged friends. This little quilt I made is nothing fancy, nothing special - but it does have a bit of a story: the backing was a freecycle donation of upholstery type fabric (thanks Grace!), and the front is pieced with scraps I had in the bag. The blue plaid in one corner is the backing of my own bed quilt :D The burgundy in the middle is from an ebay seller near my hometown, and was the backing for a quilt I made my sister :) The other blue flannel is left over from a quilt I made and donated to a local people shelter. I sewed small scraps together to make a big enough piece - and I'm sure the animals won't mind a bit.

Thats the story of my little shelter quilt, and I hope some sweet doggy will be comfy laying on it :)

Sandra :)
P.S. For more information on shelter quilts, click here --- ... and for a list of shelters in your area, try here ...
Sandra :)

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  1. 'Tis the season of goodwill. Congrats to you on sharing that goodwill with our furry friends. Great use of scraps and some stress free sewing :)


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