Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pixie Fluffernutter

My elf name is ...Pixie Fluffernutter , hehe. What's yours? -- I sound like something that should be spread on toast!!

I got some work done last night - I finished 6 crumb blocks and worked on another dozen, and assembled a baby quilt top (one patch) from some blocks I had already cut.

Today I finished the blocks for one quilt top, pieced and cut the flannel backing, and cut the batting. The batting is in the dryer right now, getting dewrinkled. I should be able to get this quilt spray basted today, but won't be able to start quilting it until I get the decorative stitches fixed on my Babylock - hopefully this week. If I have time tonight I'd like to sandwich the baby quilt so it's ready for decorative stitching when my machine is working properly. I'd like to whip up a couple of bibs tonight to go with the baby quilt, so I can cross them off of my "To Do" list.

And now I'm off to make supper and do some housework - don't envy me! ;)

Sandra :)


  1. Twinkles Slave O' Santa


    hot cajun spice ;-)

  2. Hi Hot Cajun Spice girlfriend - thanks for posting on my blog, hehe.

    *kiss* *kiss* from Maple Syrup Spice!


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