Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tiramisu and Shelter Quilts :)

I found a recipe for Tiramisu that looked pretty easy, so I whipped up a batch for supper for tonite. It's my oldest son's favorite dessert, so this should put a smile on his face :) The recipe is at - I used a package of Dream Whip instead of whipping cream, tho. [[[Edited to add - the tiramisu was DIVINE! The recipe tastes as good as it looks - this would be a GREAT dish for company, or to take to somebody's house! Simple to make, and looks and tastes great!]]]

More problems with my sewing machine - last night I couldn't even get a proper row of straight stitching. Will take it to the shop tomorrow night so they can look at it. I'm about ready to pitch it in to the lake, lol. I finished up a couple more shelter quilts for my niece, so now I can cross that off my To Do list. Not sure what else I can get done with such a problem machine, lol. If I can't get things finished - thats just the way it is! Today I finished up some reusable gift bags - they just needed the drawstrings on them - now I can start packaging up some of the Christmas presents I've already made :)

Sandra :)


  1. Love your blog! and the tiramisu looks divine....

  2. Thanks, Lampshade Bube - come on over and I'll make you tiramisu ANY time!!! ;)


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