Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a Kahlua Christmas :D

My spicy friend Jujubee (aka Judy) recently posted a link on a Yahoo quilt list, to a recipe for Kahlua .... mmmmmmmmmmmm!!! That seems like a damn good thing to make, especially in a household where homemade tiramisu has become a weekly treat! Hubby and I picked up a bottle of Smirnoff on the weekend, and today I cooked up a batch of coffee flavored liqueur ;)

It looks pretty good, and I didn't die after a quick taste test, so I'm calling the recipe a success, even tho I only ended up with 5 cups and the recipe said I would get 7 cups ;) Recipe available at
I need to find a nice bottle to store it in - right now it's in water bottles on my counter, lol.

Got a few more projects sewn today, but I didn't have the right size boxes around, so I couldn't mail anything. Will get boxes at the grocery store tomorrow, and mail the presents - ON TIME!!!!

I need to finish shopping for my kids and the nieces/nephews on hubby's side of the family, and then I'm done, and can spend the day relaxing instead of fretting over deadlines!

Sandra :)


  1. I'm curious - how does the Kahlua taste? I might make some for DH.

  2. It's a coffee flavored liqueur, and it sure tasted good in the tiramisu, lol. Does DH like to add goodies to his coffee? If so, he'll probably like this recipe ;) It would be good drizzled over cake or icecream as well - I'm going to use it in recipes that call for liqueur flavorings :)


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