Saturday, December 15, 2007

The malls are alive ...

with the sound of cash registers ............. HAHA. The malls are crazy. The stores are crazy. But do you know - I was at Pier 1 today (in Newmarket, Ontario) - and no less than five people offered me assistance - it was as if they actually had enough staff on hand, and the staff were WELL TRAINED!!! I felt like I was in an alternative universe, because that certainly isn't the norm for stores in general!! WELL DONE PIER 1 NEWMARKET!!

I've been working on a tablerunner for a few days now, and have finally gotten the top finished. The block is from Quilters Cache (Wheeling Triangles), and the initial block (which will be inserted into the backing) is from Wendy Vosters site. Thanks Marcia, and thanks Wendy! I'm hoping to get this project finished tonight so I can wrap it up tomorrow. I hope the recipient likes it!! She should - she picked out the fabric from my stash, lol.

There's a big storm headed our way - southwestern Ontario - tomorrow will be a "stay home and sew and wrap" day. DS2 has to work so I might have a chance to do some running around in the morning, but hopefully can spend the rest of the day clearing up outstanding projects ;)

Sandra :)

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