Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Parcels are mailed ....

Last night I mailed the last of my Christmas packages - Canada Post empl0yees will be able to have a drink or two on what they charged me for the boxes. Unbelievable. The recipients should get the boxes by Friday, so thats pretty good.

Today I finished a couple of gift bags for wrapping our gifts - I had to use wrapping paper for the gifts being mailed, but I'm trying to come up with enough gift bags for us, so that I won't have to use paper.

I also made a set of pillowcases for DS2 - I got the fabric in Joanns when we were in New York 2 weeks ago. They're perfect, and very cute :) He found my blog a few days ago - I hope he doesn't check up in it again before Christmas!

I still have some shopping to do, but everything is pretty much under control. Have to ask the kids what they want for Christmas dinner so I can make a list and get groceries - our usual Christmas dinner is very non-traditional, and usually consists of things like tacos and chicken wraps ;)

Sandra :)


  1. Cute pillowcases! I've been making them for Christmas gifts too - such a fun project! Those monkeys are so cute

  2. Thanks!! I've seen yours on your blog - I even sent a friend the link to your gingie ones :) Your stuff is so cute! We seem to be in the same end of Ontario - I'm near Newmarket :)

  3. I love those fabrics! 2 years ago I stocked up on fleece and flannel at Joanns day after Thanksgiving Sale. They usually have a really good sale then. Love your monkey fabrics! I haven't seen those before :) - Kathy at


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