Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pigs in a blanket :D

Had a bit of a Christmas burn-out - poor hubby didn't know what the hell to do with a sobbing wailing wife, LOL. Christmas is over and things are calmer - one of these years I'll be organized enough to be ready for Christmas BEFORE Christmas! That should reduce the stress level somewhat ;)

Here's today's lunch, compliments of a tube of crescent rolls:

Haven't done much sewing lately - just recharging after Christmas. When everything is put away and back to normal, I'm sure I'll get my butt back down there. My first order of business will be to birth some crumb quilt tops that I've finished - I have 6 tops finished, and microfleece bought for 3 of them, so hopefully they'll be my first finishes of 2008 :)

Sandra :)


  1. Good Lord girl...give us some catch-up

  2. hm?! where are the vegetables????



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