Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back to the sewing machine :)

Got some sewing done today - it was REALLY hot out so the a/c is running full blast, and my studio is in the same room as the furnace, so it's mighty comfy down there! ;) Actually in the summer it's so cold in there that I have to wear a sweater, lol. It's not that cold YET, but it's coming! Here's a quilt top for a kiddy quilt for Caring4Canadians (a yahoo group) - I'm making a pile of stuff to take to them to distribute next month - I have several quilts ready, and a ton of bibs ... I'm trying to get things finished up to deliver them!

Yesterday I found a link to a group called ConKerrCancer - they make pillowcases for sick kids, and it turns out that the local chapter for Ontario, is situated one town south of me, and makes pc's for the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto. My oldest son is a "graduate" of the hospital, so I think this will be a great fit for me, and I'll be very happy to make them some pillowcases! I made the first ones tonight, and picked out fabric for several more - I'll be working on them over the summer - a good cause, and a good way to use up stash!


  1. What a sweet quilt top. I have always wanted to make a quilt. I can sew, just enough to make a simple one I think.

    The flamingos have begun their long flight - so sorry they were late in leaving. Flamingos are pokey birds and cannot be rushed!


  2. You've been all looks great!


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