Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden Angels, Drippy Kids and Flamingos ;)

These are the delicious knobs I picked out from a blog giveaway from Kim and her sweetie Juneau - thanks again, Juneau - you ROCK! ;) They arrived in the mail yesterday - aren't they fabulous? I have an idea in the back of my mind for a rack to hang aprons/teatowels on in the kitchen ... with flamingo knobs - must put on thinking cap!! Thanks again Kim and Juneau!!

So far I've had quite a productive day :) I finished mending two pairs of pants for my kids - one pair left needs to be hemmed so I'll do that later - I hate hemming *aarrgghh*. I finished up 2 (donation) bibs, and used up some more stash to make a pc for -- thats bib #7 I have ready for them :) Those items will go into the rubbermaid container to be delivered when I have enough stuff finished up :) I didn't photograph the pants because - well - they're boring :p


  1. Those knobs are adorable! What a cool prize.

  2. Hi Sandra

    The Knobs are absolutely great, they are so you ;)


  3. Hey - can we make bibs for conkerr too ... or are they for something else?



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