Friday, June 27, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! And ... there's a new car in town

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! Our youngest lad, who graduated highschool last night, turned 18 today. How that happened I'll never know, because it feels like I just brought him home from the hospital 2 weeks ago!! I LOVE YOU Chris ... have fun at work tonight, LOL.

We just got the call from the car dealer - the insurance is in place and Nick (our 19 year old) can pick up his brand spanking new truck tonight. It's a 2008 Ford Ranger Sport 4X2 ... I have a picture somewhere but I'm so flustered I have no idea where it is, LOL. What did I ever do to deserve one kid turning 18 and one kid getting a truck ... ON THE SAME DAY!!!

Here's a picture of his truck - at least - I think it's his truck --- I haven't actually seen his in person yet!! Will see it tonight, I think. OMG I am SOOOOO not ready for this, LOL.


  1. Happy birthday Chris and congrats Nick on the new truck. Mom, you will survive! My sons are 23 and 25 and we are still best friends.

  2. Awww...poor Mom is getting frazzled! What a busy few days for you. Congrats on your BABY turning 18, I'm scared that with the blink of an eye, that'll be me! Time just goes too fast...

    NICE truck too! Did ya get a ride in it yet??


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