Friday, June 13, 2008

I got an award!

The delicious Lettie has honored me with a THREE PART award - I am struttin around like Queen of everything I survey!! I'd like to thank the members of the Academy who voted for me, and my producers, and my family, without whom this award wouldn't be possible, and the mailman for always bringing my mail on time, and my kids' teachers for keeping them out of my hair for many hours during the day so I could BECOME the blogger that I became, and Miss Kelly and Mrs. Campbell, my grades 9-12 typing teachers, and the bus driver on York Region Transit bus #32, who generally gets me to my destination within an hour of the time he's scheduled to get me there, and to the baker up the street that makes such good dinner buns, and to Fruit of the Loom for making a strong enough bra to hold up the girls, and to my sister who takes good photographs but who can't sew a stitch (she's the duct tape princess) ... thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!!! ;)

Awwwwwwwwwww thank you Lettie (the Queen of all things polka dot!) for choosing me ... I can't believe that someone who creates such beautiful projects as you do, would even find anything read-worthy about my blog - I'm dying to move next door to you so I can admire your goodies in person, or even just absorb your creativeness by osmosis! Like - could it get ANY cuter than THIS???!!!


  1. Sandra, Sandra ~

    Your blog makes me laugh. Quite unlike mine, which can be a bit dark and deep sometimes.

    Isn't it the most incredible blessing to have raised wonderful sons? They are always a reflection of their mothers. I remember the school year before last, I had told Jacob everything a child does, good and bad, will always come back to the mother. He found himself in the principal's office and she told me the first words out of his mouth were: "My mom told me a child's behavior is a reflection of their mother. Please don't think because I'm in trouble that I have a bad mother. I have a good mother!"

    A good person is a good person, no matter what they look like. We are just trying to teach him some Christian modesty and have accomplished that with good old reverse psychology. He isn't comfortable with all the attention his hair has attracted, just as the Bible says he shouldn't be. That, and the fact it didn't go over well with the ladies!



  2. Congrats Sandra...We know you're a winner...we just have to make sure you know! Enjoy the fame!

  3. Bravo. Bravissimo. Fabulous acceptance speach, my dear. Funny too! LOL You deserve to be honored, you do such lovely work.

  4. Sandra ~ Thanks for the laugh today. You are absolutely deserving ~ and that speach just proves it!


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