Thursday, June 19, 2008

So many messy babies!

I'm still on a bib kick, and can't stop making the little sweeties! These ones are all made with scrap or freecycle fabric ... I've made a lot of girly ones lately so now the boys need coverage as well! I have a couple more made but won't post picture of them until they get to their intended recipients - I'll be mailing some to Jenn this weekend, and a surprise one to a ******* buddy who needs a little ****-**-** :) Will post pictures later, lol.

I finished 2 bibs today (not pictured), and my goal for the afternoon is to finish up two more bibs, and two more pillowcases for -- I was at the fabric store yesterday and one of the associates told me she has 30 cases ready for them! I picked up a metre of fabric to go with some fabric I already have, so I should be able to get two cases done today :) (1 metre each of two fabrics makes 2 pillowcases)

Good luck Chris, writing his last exam this morning!!!


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  2. Love all the bibs you make, but it makes my heart sing when I hear about the pillowcases you make for children with cancer. You do so much good with all your donations to needy causes.

    I'm proud of what you do.


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