Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hobbs Heirloom "Cotton" Batting ...

Cotton my ass - it feels like polyester! I bought 2 queen sized batts at Hobby Lobby (Niagara Falls) last weekend because it was on sale and I assumed it would be nice and cottony like Warm and Natural - NOT SO! It's awful to the touch - I might as well be using 100% polyester batts. It's 80/20 cotton/poly but it doesn't feel like cotton at all. Warm and Natural batts are 87.5/12.5 cotton poly, and they feel like cotton - so either that extra little bit of poly makes a huge difference, or Hobbs brand isn't nearly as nice as the Warm and Natural. I'm quite disappointed.

With my psoriasis my hands and fingers are quite sensitive and the feel of poly batting drives me around the bend - I switched to cotton because it feels better and doesn't "catch" on my fingers. I'll use up what I have, of course, but I sure won't be buying any more of THAT brand!

Nice batting is really expensive in Canada so I generally only buy it in the States - Fabricland $70, Joanns $20 for the same product - that's disgusting. I'll check out bamboo batting next time I'm at a quilt store - I wonder how it feels compared to W-and-N.

No more Hobbs for Psoriasis Sandra - PATOOIE!!!!!!!!!


  1. C'mon Sandra...say what you really think!

  2. I'm interested in what you'll think of the bamboo batting. I've been buying bamboo sheets at Tar-jay and they're really soft. I wonder if the batting would be the same?

  3. Last week I was in one of the shops in Tampa and noticed a bolt of green batting... I asked if it was bamboo and it was actually made from recycled water bottles. They gave me some "samples" to try. Hopefully I'll get to playing with it soon and post about how it is.

  4. There is something on the market that I have not heard of??? Have to find this Bamboo stuff

  5. I know exactly what you're talking about. I was disappointed in the Hobbs Heirloom batt as well. My favourite is Quilter's Dream -- it is so soft and doesn't irritate my skin at all. And it's so lovely to needle!


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