Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few completed projects :)

Here's how much thread I used in 2008 (before psoriasis was bad), and 2009 (where I was incapacitated for half of the year) - what a difference! I'm glad it's fairly well under control right now :D

A couple of stashbuster projects I finished - some of the zipper bags are for gifts and some are going to a local shelter - the bibs are for the shelter as well.

The pillowcases are a stashbuster project, and the 3 small pillows (about 12 x 16) are destined for animal shelters in Toronto!

My rant: Improvements my ass - it's still damn near impossible to place photos and text where I want to place them on this site! ()@*#$)(*@#$)$#@(&)#$@(* !!! Preview doesn't show what the page will look like, so why the hell is it called PREVIEW!!!


  1. So glad you are feeling better. Love all the little projects. I need to get back to work in the sewing room. I finally got it "mostly" straightened. So many baby projects ~ so little time left.

  2. I'm sure I've been using the same spools of thread since 1999!

    Love your new background BTW...super cute.

    I'm sure your doing something wrong :D (see rant!)in the new post editor. It works great! Have you tried centering your photos?

  3. I use the HTML function and copy/paste my photos


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