Sunday, January 17, 2010

Run run run run runaround ... :D

The Runaround bag bag (7x9, with a 52" strap) was a trial run to test a new-to-me pattern. I'm not all that impressed with LG patterns but this one was fun to make - very quick and easy. I don't like the raw seams inside - it would be nicer with the raw edges hidden. Next time I'll add a closure (velcro, a magnetic snap or possibly a pocket redo with a zipper) to the back pocket. Overall I give the pattern an 8.5/10 :D  The zipper bag (7x9) was made with a Laurel Burch remnant given to me by my favorite tavern wench - thanks Nancy!

The doggy quilt is a stash-buster project to use up some fabric I bought in Ohio last year - I'm going to pick up backing for it in Buffalo this coming weekend. Those are 6.5" (unfinished) blocks - there are 3 more rows to be added, so the quilt will finish to about 42" square.

This last picture shows a couple of gift bags I made to finish off some stash Christmas fabric - the bags are 15x14, 15x15 and 12x10 :)


  1. Looks good Sandra!!! Though raw edges are NOT cool! *grin* I really need to try the zipper bag tutorial...I have some great fabric for that project.

  2. I love making run arounds ~ just don't like using them so I do them for "tweens" with a matching wallet and tissue cover. They work up pretty fast and you can use some really fun fabrics. I've shown them on my blog a few times.

    Cute projects.


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