Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some of my new fabrics :)

I've found a couple of projects recently that really interested me - I started picking up fabrics during our trip to Buffalo last weekend (my Christmas gift from dear hubby!) so I could start planning and cutting when I get some other stuff finished :)

The first one I'd love to do, is a log cabin quilt from Craft Blog --- the project is called Log Cabin in a Week :) I'm not sure when she's going to post the rest of the instructions, but I don't need them to work on the project :D I absolutely LOVE this color combination - it's way out of my comfort zone, but I find it absolutely striking! So I bought similar colors, LOL!!!

Then we have Peaches and Dreams - I fell in love as soon as I spotted this on Judy's blog! Had to buy fabric for this one as well!!! But of course I'll need more -insert big smile here- :) The prints with the green may not work, but I'll see how it goes when I start making blocks :)

Not sure when I'll get working on these two puppies, but I'm looking forward to playing with those gorgeous fabrics!!!


  1. I love the colours! Especially the blues and greens!

  2. ohh I like those 3 green ones in the front...veyr nice...hugs Khris


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