Thursday, January 14, 2010

I couldn't resist ...

I finished the stitching and beading on this little guy this morning - now to decide how to ornament him (yes, in my world, that's a VERB!) :) Pattern is Santa's Buddy by Angel Stitchin - available in the 2009 JCS Christmas ornaments magazine. Thanks to Nancy, Meadows08 and Sue for making me get my butt in gear to get this done :)


  1. Your little buddy turned out great! I'm sure however you choose to ornament him, he'll turn out great, just like all your other projects!!!

  2. Cute, cute, cute!!! Now get busy and finish him...I can't wait to see!

  3. He is too cute! Glad you are enjoying FOSAL.

  4. That is too cute -- and you've got a head start on Christmas! :-)


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