Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Nortel shares are worth 96 cents, LOL!

Hubby just read me part of the statement we just received from our money people --- our Nortel shares - originally costing us $5300.00 - are now worth a grand total of 96 cents!! NINETY SIX CENTS!!! I remain firmly convinced that one of these days they'll shoot back up in value --- they could double or even TRIPLE and we could be worth ones of dollars!!!

Here's a little zipper bag I finished with a little scrap remnant from Evelyns Sewing Centre - it probably cost 50 cents or so, and I got enough fabric to make the outside of two little bags. That puts such a smile on my face (Nortel stocks notwithstanding, LOL) - yep, I'm a cheap date!!

BTW - I feel it only fair to point out - the Nortel purchase was MY idea :D


  1. This may be my favourite of all your zipper bags (besides the one you made me!) I love the sequin trim, I'm a sucker for bling!!!

    As for Nortel...SELL SELL SELL! Just kidding...gotta love the stock market. NOT.

  2. Love that bag!!
    And that's why I don't dare look at statements from our financial guy -- I don't want to know!


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