Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting back on track ...

recuperating from my (hernia) surgery - I'm getting better but yesterday a weird pain started, so hopefully it goes away soon.  It doesn't seem critical but it is fairly painful - I go for a follow-up with my surgeon on July 19 so hopefully I can hold out until then.  Rather annoying to have a setback during a slow but steady improvement!

Here's a tote I finished tonight, along with some zipper bags I finished last month - I'll include one or two of the zippies with the tote as a set, and the extras will be donated to the shelter for fund-raising.  The tote is a Dandy tote from Dandelion Quilts - I cut mine 2" wider than the instructions because I like my totes big :)

Have a peek here for a spectacular loaf of bread I baked today, and the pasta salad I made yesterday - - if I wasn't on a diet I would have eaten the whole loaf and at least half of the pasta salad, lol.  SERIOUSLY!!  Holy crap they were good!

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  1. Hi Sandra
    You have made a nice set with a nice coloured fabric.
    Thanks for your nice visit on my blog.


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