Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 20th birthday Chris :)

Happy birthday Chris - 20 years ago today I was in the hospital having a baby 4 weeks before his due date, lol.  I wasn't even worried about it until afterwards when one of the nurses called him a preemie - I had just considered him as "early" :D  He certainly seems to have recovered from his early entrance :)  We went to Frankie Tomatto's in Markham today for an all you can eat buffet - the quality of the food there has definitely gone down since our last visit (for his 19th birthday) - I'm not sure the kids will ask to go back there again!

And now hubby and I are off to celebrate the special day by going to see a movie on our own - The A-Team :D


  1. Happy birthday to your "baby." Let me now if you liked the movie...I used to watch A-Team on tv all the time...

  2. You make such pretty babies!!!



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