Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Make a Bag Sewalong - part 1 completed :)

I finished part 1 the same day that the next set of instructions came out, lol.  If I get the bag done tomorrow I'll be all caught up!  Part 1 instructions are here :)

Side view :)


  1. You will have a nice bag
    I 'll go for the instructions, thanks for the link
    Have a good day A bientôt

  2. Love the color combination. Love black/white and almost anything. Just recently saw a line of fabrics that were black/white and turquoise. Really pretty too.

  3. Hey Chick I love the fabrics!!! Better then the other ones.Of course I can only see the top fabric. I have to get busy on my bag later on today. I did get it started. and am at the quilting of it, so not much more to go to have step 1 finished. I love yours so far
    Quilt whisperer

  4. Quilt Whisperer here I love your bag and the colors fantastic!!!

  5. Your bag is looking good! It will be Sunday before I have a chance to work on mine again. I can't wait.

  6. Great colour choice! The green is a nice pop against the black and white.


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