Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 cats for the cats :D

4 kitty cat zipper bags made for the OSPCA ... I used my Singer Automatic Zigzagger to do some decorative stitching on the front of each.  Unfortunately the thread blends in with the fabric, so the stitching isn't very visible.  It was fun using the different cams for different stitches, although the attachment really yanks the fabric around (since it moves the fabric side to side for stitching, rather than moving the needle side to side) so it's a bit of a challenge keeping things straight!  Practice makes perfect, tho - I love that I'm using "technology" from the early to mid 50's - they really managed to create some impressive products back then! 

Here are a couple of bags I finished up yesterday - 2 gift bags (bottom) and a cat boxed bag - both of these (and the cat bags above, actually) busted the last of some stash fabric - gotta love it!  The cat bag will go to the shelter, the gift bags are for ... well ... gifts! ;)

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