Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog "removed" - now back ... maybe?

Just checking to see if my blog got added back - for all of today it was GONE - poofed into cyberspace for ??? reason - along with my main email address.  JUST TESTING!  Maybe I can stop freaking out, LOL!  (What a day I've had because of this!)

Oh - I don't like posting without a photo, so here's my niece's cat - Lucifleur Flower :D


  1. Welcome back to the virtual land of the virtual living! I was worried for you, and I was waiting to see if you turned up on a virtual milk carton... ;-)
    Don't smite me, I spent the day cleaning my room already. xo

  2. I've heard of this happening to others... I think blogger just like the idea of some of us going into ultra panic mode....
    The cat is so funny... took me a while to realise where it was!!

  3. OH my Gosh I also wrote and email to Google to ask where your blog was and that we needed it back ASAP LOL Glad to have your blog back as well. patty pat

  4. That would scare the pants off me!!! So glad you're back!

  5. Glad you got everything fixed. I can only imagine the kind of day you've had.

  6. Good grief.... that would totally scare me silly...So happy you're back. Blogger sometimes goes a little crazy... go figure.


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