Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's not exactly breakfast in bed ... lol!

"I adapt to my environment - my environment doesn't adapt to me!"

It's an interesting way to eat breakfast - it was nippy in the house this morning - the furnace isn't turned on yet and it was only 16C when we came downstairs, so Nick was wearing a hat to keep warm - hence his quote, LOL!

His hat strings are on top of his head because they were falling in his cereal while he was eating :D

This is a pretty damn cute way to start my day!


  1. It's gotten cool here to... it's only supposed to get up to about 18 C (65 F) here today. I absolutely refuse to turn the heat on yet so all day yesterday Dave walked around the house with his fleece housecoat on... lol

    It's the wind that is really chilling. If you're out of the wind in a really sunny spot, it's really nice and I am enjoying the change from this summer's record temperatures.

  2. ROFL! I had a hat on yesterday while sewing. Hubby won't turn the furnace on til November. BRRRRR!

  3. Sandra love, are you in need of a table or some chairs? I'm sure you could find some in a charity shop...

    Wish it was 16 degrees here, it's bloody sweltering - 29degrees again... go away hot weather, I hate you! I don't sit by a window either so I'm dying!


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