Friday, October 21, 2011

"Electrician" Halloween costume, lol

Hubby tonight brought home a special safety outfit designed for electricians working on live wires.  He tried it on in the kitchen, much to the amusement of his photo-snapping wife - aka ME :)   By the time he got all the pieces on he was sweating to death and had to rip everything off - I can't imagine how practical that would be on a job site, but it would certainly be safe!

#1 - getting dressed

#2 - adding the second pair of gloves

#3 - I told him to pose ... ROTFL!!!  (at this point I could barely breathe because I was laughing so hard, LOL)

#4 - stripping everything off as quickly as possible because he was SWELTERING! 
Tonight was FNSI night, and I had a blast with Nancy and Amanda - I have to download the photos from my camera and do a FNSI post - I had a very productive evening, plus the 3 of us had a blast sewing and being generally silly :D

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  1. Well thank goodness they have gear like that! There's an electrician here who was severely burned, working on city lights underground...they're SO poorly maintained in Detroit, and so many guys get hurt. Glad to see your hubby safe!


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