Thursday, October 20, 2011

LANT panties :)

 I wanted to try something out today, so I whipped up this panty bag (hey Katherine - look really closely at the zipper!) :)

Here's a close-up of the "LANT" (learn a new technique) part of the bag - I did twin needle decorative stitching on it, and it worked out VERY well!  If you try it, just remember to handcrank the machine to test out at least one full pattern of the decorative stitch, just to make sure your twin needle clears the foot and plate - ask me how I know that's important, LOL! 


  1. That's such pretty fabric that you used for the panties. And the decorative stitches turned out really nice with the twin needle.

  2. Hi Sandra! Thank you very much for stopping by my blog.

    I love your "LANT panties" pouch! How cute!! (and witty).
    I am really looking forward to seeing what you are going to make for the "FNS".
    I am excited! :)

    Take care :)

  3. Girl you are getting so FANCY with them twin needles, looks AWESOME!!!

  4. GREAT fancy pants, Missy! You done good!

  5. That looks fantastic, really professional, well done you! I do want to know why Katherine has to look at the zip though, I'm nosey like that.


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