Friday, October 28, 2011

When you're having a bad day ...

and if you don't mind seriously offensive language in a hysterical usage, check out this site :D  Warning - language definitely NSFW or for those of a "delicate nature" :D

I was having difficulty this morning with my sewing machine.  A piece of the plastic thingy that holds the bobbin had broken off, and the bobbin kind of flops around like a fish out of water.  I called Brother Canada and after being told the bobbin holder thingy was a consumable (like a needle or lightbulb! That's what they told me, until I argued, politely about it!) they said they'd ship me a new machine and I could ship the old one back when I get/test out the new one.  Seems like overkill when I expected them to just replace the piece, so we shall see how this goes.  In the interim I have no zigzag machine, ARGH.  I'm going to have to figure out some workarounds for decorative/zigzag stitching - I can't wait for a week to get these projects finished - I have time constraints.  Wish me luck - it wasn't a very good day today, LOL!! 

I can't post a picture of this morning's completed project as the recipient will recognize it and it's supposed to be a surprise - so I'll post this instead - it's what my oldest son did one day when I asked him to peel some potatoes :) 

Sign me ... Sandra, the Typhoid Mary of Sewing Machines!


  1. Gosh Sandra, it's not you. They just don't make them like they used to. If we lived close I would be glad to let you borrow one of my machines. The old Singer 500A has lots of deco stitches and ya couldn't break it :)

  2. Sister Sandra just watch they do not send you a reconditioned one Can you show mw the picture of your part? I bet I can find one at the store. Patty

  3. Can't believe they're sending you a whole new machine, wowzers. Love the potatoes!

  4. Oh no, Sandra. Hope the replacement machine arrives soon. Since they are replacing the machine, it sounds like Brother Canada knows that there is a problem with them.

    And Wonky Girl is right, according to our sewing machine repair man, these new machines are not made to be repaired the way the old ones used to be. And they aren't built to be as long lasting. The supposed "logic" being that most people will just buy a new machine rather than pay to have one repaired. Kind of along the lines that it's cheaper to buy a replacement DVD machine than have one repaired.

  5. Now you know me Sandra, I'm extremely sensitive and would never f***g use bad language, so I daren't look at the site ;0)

    Bad news about the machine, that's just rubbish. My bobbin flops around too, it jiggles up and down as I sew. I've mainly been ignoring it!

  6. I will bring you my Brother if you like. It has decorative stitches -- or you could just come over and stitch with me. Lemme know whatcha wanna do.


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