Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday gift done - To Do list gets shorter :D

I finished this birthday gift today - the centre block is a Loralie design - isn't it cute? And it certainly suits the recipient, lol!

Loralie pouch - front :)

Loralie pouch - back :)

Zipper pull :)

Lining and Handmade tag inside :)
The bag measures about 10" x 12", and is quilted.  I did the decorative stitches on my POS Babylock - it was repaired in the spring and hubby asked me if I've been using it.  I haven't, because it's a *cue drama* horrid machine and I hate it ;)   He made me feel guilty about getting it repaired and then ignoring it, lol.  It did just fine with the little job I gave it (unlike it's normal behaviour!) but I do NOT trust that stupid machine - I just KNOW it's waiting to give me heartache again - BAD BABYLOCK.  BAD!!! 


  1. This is the sweetest pouch you've made and I love the zipper pull.

  2. Cool. I like that polka dot ribbon on the side, cute detail!


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