Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our sons' job sites!

Photo source
Our oldest son was doing something upstairs and called down for me to Google something --- hubby and both kids are electricians (well, DS2 is a 4th [almost 5th] term apprentice) so their job sites are normally construction sites :D  This is what he showed me!

This is where DS1 is working right now - Aura - it's a current photo of the site --- he actually works on top of that roof - HOLY CRAP!!   As it turns out, both boys worked yesterday, and that's where they were - on top of that roof.  I told the older one to start wearing a pink hard hat so I can spot him on pictures, LOL! 

RCMI condos
And here's where DS2 is working!  That was when the job was up to 10 floors - now they're up to 18.  This is the RMCI Residence (condo) - it'll be 42 floors when it's finished :)

Can you tell I'm a proud momma? LOL!! 


  1. And so you should be proud. My head is spinning just looking at the photos. LOL

  2. I'd be proud, too! I'm sure the view is lovely, but I'm way too cowardly to be in places that don't have four wall soundly sealed around me. Congrats to the boys. How cool is it going to be that they will be able to tell their kids that they worked on those buildings some day. I hope they are taking some pics to share later.

  3. My goodness... your boys are brave. Certainly braver than I am... I get vertigo.


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