Friday, October 5, 2012

Needed: larger gift bags!

I have lots of handmade fabric gift bags stashed away for use as needed, but they're all on the small side.  With Christmas coming up I needed a few larger ones :D  I made a couple of Christmas ones yesterday - will get a picture later, when I finish the other 2 in the same fabric (I upcycled a fabric tablecloth!).  Here are the 2 I made today, specifically sized to fit [mystery gift A] and [mystery gift B] :D

And now I'm off for a few days - going to visit my family for Thanksgiving, YAY!!!  I hope all my Canadian friends have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with their families and loved ones - eat lots of turkey!  I'm going to have to be REALLY careful to eat properly and not pig out on desserts - I don't want to regain any of the weight I've been losing - wish me luck!  ;)


  1. YOu needed a bigger gift bag to fit in all my presents? Oh Sandra, how lovely! ;0)

    Is Canadian thanksgiving different to the American version then??

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Sandra and family. Travel Safe.

    We'll both have to be careful this weekend so as to keep our momentum going. And then by next Thanksgiving, we'll have been in maintenance for a good long while and won't that be fun!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. Those that receive your gift bags are in for a real treat. Did you mention desserts!!!!!!!! I've got the shakes already. LOLLLL I could murder a bread and butter pudding right now.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! I know I am late but I'm still grateful for you and your friendship! Hugs, Mickie

  6. Hope you had a great Thanks Giving and managed to restrict the dessert intake. Love the gift bags.


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