Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's finished, YAY!

 Here's the inside pocket of the library tote I just finished ...
 ... and here's the bag - it's so cute!  I modified a pattern from this lovely seller to make the bag - I love how it turned out, and have another one ready to sew :)   The bag measures 13" wide x 14" tall x 3.5" deep, and has a covered plastic canvas base to keep it nice and boxy :)   

Here are a couple of little bags I finished in the last few days - mainly to use up bits and pieces of those fabrics!  The flex frames (blue/green owl print) came from Portugal, from this seller :)  I quite enjoy making these little guys, and will be making more - they're quick and easy!  The large bag on the left is 5x7.5, the zipper bag in the middle is 4x7, and the bag on the right is 4x6 :)

A couple more fabric airplanes - these are for the neighbour's son - I already made 2 for their daughter, so the kids can have an airplane fight, lol.


  1. That green fabric is beautiful! And the monkey fabric--good thing I don't live in the neighborhood cuz I'd be secretly stuffing it my bag ;-o. I do love sock monkeys! I'm hoping that both are from Joann's so I can steal another one of your ideas.

  2. Such cute projects! Love the airplanes. Just last night I made something, and my son grabbed it and "flew" it like a paper airplane and suggested I make them from fabric. {I guess there are no more "new" ideas...I thought he was brilliant. He's still pretty smart, though! It's a great idea.}

  3. I'm not allowed to see the top picture, blogger says so. Love the little bags, so cute!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful! Just like the beautiful giftys that you handmade/hand-delivered here to the lake!
    (Even the ones that you commanded me NOT TO KEEP!! )

    But what's even more beautiful is that, at long last, your blog is now viewable/readable on my iPad!! The background is no longer the same colour as your text!! Hallelujah !! What did you do, haha?!


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