Friday, March 29, 2013

Some Florida purchases :D

4 queen size rolls of batting (4th one is behind the bigger roll on the bottom) and a bolt of lightweight iron-on interfacing - I go through a LOT of these items :D  I hate the feel of the 80/20 batting at the bottom, but I needed more to finish a project that's already underway :)

230 zippers.  No, that's not a typo, and yes, it's possible I may have a wee zipper addiction :)  The entire order was for 335 of them, but 105 were for a friend, LOL.  These are all from the delightful Zipit on Etsy - thanks Jennie!

Vinyl mesh for making bags and totes :)  The lime green was purchased @ a quilt store, and the off white and black were gifts from a friend - thanks Heather no-blog!

Some fabrics from Quilttaffy on Etsy :)  The green on top is Frog Prince linen (from Japan) ... the two below are Bento Box/Shrimp by Robert Kaufman :)


  1. Score! Looks like all kinds of fun!!! But where is your Star Trek fabric?

  2. Batting and zippers and mesh, oh my! I cannot wait to see what all this turns into.

    Vinyl mesh?? I'm gonna have to dig back in all your posts--again--to see what you use that for. Sounds interesting.

    Geez, it's so nice to have you back in your own little corner of the interwebs!

  3. And I thought buying 100 zippers from Zipit was a lot!!! The Frog Prince linen looks interesting... look forward to seeing that one made up and a close up photo.

  4. Look at all the funky zippers! Love! lol

  5. Oh boy I could do with a shopping trip with you. I guess those who don't sew would think we were crazy for getting all excited about zippers and batting. LOLL

  6. Lovely purchases!!!!! I order my zippers from Jennie too. She's the sweetest =D

  7. That is one gorgeous pile of zippers. I have been contemplating buying a bundle of them from Etsy also, as I use a lot - well not quite as many as you do, but I do go through them. You will have fun with a new lot of vinyl mesh.

  8. My goodness... your car must have been packed full on the way back to Canada. And that pile of zippers should let you sew zip bags to your heart's content!

  9. You know I love the bento box fabric, too! I think I originally saw it at the same blog that you did (and I think I may have never replied to that comment that you left me on my blog...). What are you making with yours? I just came back from CA...wait until you see the photos of all of the fabrics I "hauled" home (glad I remembered to take an extra bag and that my husband packs light for himself!)


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