Thursday, November 9, 2017

Floral and teacups fabric = no more :D

I've used up the last of the pretty floral and teacups fabrics that my friends Mickie and Carol gifted to me when I visited them in August :)  These 3 bags qualify for Bag It 2017 - hi Patty! :)

I ended up making 10 bags with this collection of prints, and all of them are going to the counselling center.  Mickie, Carol - thank you, and I hope you like how your gift ended up :D 

More stash sewing - I used up these 2m cuts of fabric for a set of pillowcases for the counselling center :)  I have more fabric picked out for stash busting pillowcase creating purposes ... as well, and also along the lines of stash sewing, I'm working on a Christmas gift project that should use up a few meters of stash.   It involves zippers.  SURPRISE!  :D  Details to follow at a time and place TBD ;)  So far, flamingos and dinosaurs and doggos* and sharks are involved ... and I think some mice will be joining in for fun :D

*BTW - speaking of doggos, have you seen the We Rate Dogs site on Twitter?  I don't Twitter but I get occasional updates about funny posts, so I hop over to check things out.  This compilation arrived this morning and made me laugh ... the Iraqi Speed Kangaroo is particularly funny :D  If you have a few spare minutes and could use a laugh, check it out (NAYY) :)


  1. Just scrolling back through all the posts I've missed - good heavens you have been busy, girl, I don't know anyone who makes more than you!!! You are a WHIZ. Such beautiful workmanship!

  2. Thank you for the nice comment at maaksels van CarlaK, Sandra !
    Nice pouches over here too ! (those teacups !!!)
    Keep on smiling, love from Belgium, Carla

  3. You certainly made great use of your gifted fabric Sandra. I love those dogs, the rug and the carpet photos were hilarious :)

  4. Sewing eye candy AND cute dogs. You are too generous sharing all this with us!

  5. You have been busy and good for you using up more stash! I think you are my biggest competitor in Bag It, lol!!!

  6. Pillowcases are definitely great stash busters! I've finished the three I started last night.

  7. Hi back! Great bags - thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  8. You have been really productive!


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