Friday, May 25, 2012

3 itty bitties :)

I've been doing some sewing lately, but hadn't gotten around to taking pics, hence the lack of posts :D

Here are a couple of the bags I've finished lately --- the orange/linen one was made to use up some tiny scraps of orange, the butterfly fabric was a gift from my friend Nancy (the organza ribbon embellishment was an old Etsy purchase - I'm finally getting around to using it), and the butterfly keychain on the owl bag was a gift from my friend Deb in AZ :) 

A little teaser about a craft I'm working on - I had to borrow a candle from a neighbour to help me prep the item for sewing - hopefully I'll get it done this weekend and can post it ;)


  1. Those are darling! Can't wait to hear what you're working on...a candle?

  2. These are wonderful!!! Love the orange one that you used up scraps to make!
    PS--is it tye dying or something like that that you're working on ?

  3. How is holding a seance got anything to do with sewing? :-) The butterfly bag is way prettier as a bag than it was in my scrap bin. I love the little boxy bag. Perhaps I will learn to conquer the zipper this summer!

  4. Hello Sandra:) These bags are all very lovely... I especially love the little butterfly charm on the zipper pouch!
    With love from California, Amy

  5. I love them all, but that orange one does stand out! Love that matching rick rack on it, too. Looking forward to seeing that candle/needle/recycle project.


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