Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I almost forgot to post these, lol

Here are a few recent finishes - I was finally organized enough to find the camera AND the camera card at the same time :D

Cancan zipper bag - a birthday gift for a friend :)
Close-up of the zipper pull - it's a bra, LOLOL!!! 
 This is the Across the Pond pouch I finished last month - it's a birthday gift ...

I finally got the zipper pull done so I can wrap this and get it off to the recipient!  The camera seems to have given the beads an unusual tint - they're salmon orange and lavender purple, to match the bag :D

Here's a house pouch from Zakka Style - note that there's a kitty sitting in the window - imagine that!!!  :) 

Here's the back of the pouch - there are flowers growing in the back yard :D  My friend No-Blog Angela gave me the idea to use vinyl for the window (yay for trying something new!) - I thought it would be a hoot to see a kitty IN the window, LOL!


  1. Oh girl, those zipper bags are great. Do you ever slow down?
    BTW- watch your mail box :) !!!

  2. That bra zip pull is fab!! Loving the house with the kitty in the window - I assume it's not Zoomer as I don't think he'd fit on a windowledge ;0)

  3. p.s. not got my emails open but giveaway day hurry!

  4. Brilliant - love the bra, how perfect! And I love the kitty in the window!!!

  5. That Cancan dancer fabric is the best... and the bra zip pull is perfect for it.

    Love the extra touches you added to the house pouch.


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