Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shape Collage - cool!

I saw something today on a friend's blog - she had done a collage of the projects she completed in April.  I was going to email her to ask how she did it, but then I noticed the watermark on her photo so I went a searching and found the program - and bonus, it's a free download!  I tried it out and came up with this collage of my April projects :D


  1. thats a fun way to display your projects...

  2. Looks cool! Thanks for linking back to me - and your projects look great! I like having a view of what I make each month!

  3. What a lovely pouches you made!

  4. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for writing about us! We love hearing feedback from others. Have you seen our latest web app? We just launched it in February. It's called Loupe:

    If you have any questions or such, feel free to email me You can also find us on facebook, twitter!



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