Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pinterest challenge :)

I finally got my butt in gear and did a couple of projects I had pinned on Pinterest, thanks to a challenge from Bryanne from Michelle Patterns :) (posts here and here).  I hope the challenge continues - fingers crossed! 

My first attempt at a pop bottle drawstring bag was laughable, so no photo :D  Attempt #2 came out better, but I would still make the pop bottle portion a bit shorter.  Will try again when I get more 2 litre pop bottles!  Very happy I tried it - I want to make more of these :) 

This project is based on a bag I pinned that was embellished with studs.  I found some cute studs recently so gave them a whirl.  I need more of these - I really like how they look, and on Ebay/Etsy, they have them in lots of shapes and sizes and colours :)  Another Pinterest completion - YAY!


  1. Those pop bottle draw string bags look like they'd be good for storing all sorts of things. I think yours turned out great.

    And the studded zip bag looks great too. Are those the little studs you found the day we went shopping on Queen St?

  2. That bottle pop bag is cool! I might have to tackle that some day, not sure what the lighter does to it, can you tell me?
    Hugs, Mick


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