Monday, March 30, 2009

On a scale of 1 to 10 ...

I rate this project a 14 for cuteness :D

The project is a Boxy Bag - tutorial by Patchyapple. I was using stash fabric to test the project - I didn't use fleece in mine (for stiffness) because I thought it would make the zipper hard to install. I used very thin interfacing - a heavier weight would have worked out better, I think. I may try one with flannel instead of fleece, and the thicker interfacing - I bet that would be just right :)

The project was quite easy to make - the fiddliest part was installing the zipper, and if you use a zipper that's a couple of inches longer than your fabric, that will make it TRES easy to install ;) Mine finished to 11" long X 5" wide x 4" tall :)


  1. Sandra, these are wonderful! I love the fabric. That tutorial is great too...kinda makes it look do-able for even direction-challenged me. They sure are cheerful :)

  2. Very cute! Pretty fabric, looks very tropical!


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