Saturday, March 7, 2009

When life hands you lemons ...

make a prism makeup bag!!! ;) Here's the tutorial, and here's my first attempt :) I didn't find it as easy to do as all the comments might lead one to believe - I found adding the fabric tabs to the zipper ends was VERY fiddly (and that was the first step, lol) and lining up the pieces was fiddly. The instructions are actually QUITE clear and easy to understand - I read them over a couple of times and knew exactly what I was doing - I just found it a bit difficult to actually DO the steps. The bag looks great but I don't like how bulky the corners are - the bulk is hidden between the outside and the lining fabrics so it's completely invisible - it just feels bulky. I'll try the bag again and be more aggressive when trimming, and will see how it turns out. It really is a damn cute bag, so maybe I'm just being a bit too picky!

One thing I did differently than the instructions, was to use iron on interfacing on the outside fabric - that gave it a bit of body - I'll do that next time as well, as I like the look.

Not bad for a first attempt at a new pattern!


  1. They are wonderful...fabulous lemmmmooonnnyy!!! Love.
    I am outside in this 76 degree weather cleaning out the carport and putting stuff on freecycle...nothing you'd want, I'm sure!

  2. Love the fabrics you used. Made me want to go have a cold glass of lemonade, and then run to the sewing room and make one myself!

  3. That bag is like sunshine and makes me yearn for summer :)
    So pretty!

  4. What could be better, lemonade and cake! Darling bags.


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