Friday, March 6, 2009

What's purple and floral and pretty?

MY TOTE!! I finished the tote yesterday, and today I used up the last of the floral fabric by making 2 little zippered make-up type bags to go inside :) The tote isn't from a specific pattern - it's size was determined based on the size of the pieces of fabric I had on hand :) It's lined with purple TOT (tone on tone) fabric, and has a little pocket inside made of the floral fabric. The makeup bags are from the delightful Corinne @ Heart of Mary - she did such a great tutorial for these sweet little bags! My goal is to finish 10 of these simple totes as donation items - I think I have 5 done so far :)


  1. You're right...purple and pretty!!!

  2. I agree with Bella ~ Purple and Pretty ~ I'll add Perky too!

  3. Oh My!! That's so gorgeous!!!

  4. Just makes ya yearn more for spring it is so bright and cheerful!


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