Friday, March 27, 2009


I just spent 45 minutes sewing together the cabanas and palm trees - got the whole row finished and then cut out the sand to go at the bottom of the row. Oh wait - what's that? You see something wrong with the photo? Really? Hmmmmmm what could it be? Let me look closely - nope - I don't see anything wrong. Let me get a magnifying glas ... oh. OH! Now I see it!!! Hmmmmmmmmm something doesn't look right!!! The sand row (cut to the length specified in the pattern) is a foot or more LONGER than the cabana row??!??!!? How could that happen? OH!! Errrrrr. I FORGOT TO PUT SPACERS BETWEEN THE BLOCKS!!! Yep - every other row has spacers between the blocks - I even have the spacers cut out - I just FORGOT TO USE THEM!!!

So now I have to completely rip apart the row (of course, it was sewn using stitch length 1.5) and resew it with the frigging spacers :D

Looks like I have some froggy stitching to do!! Even my cat was less than impressed!


  1. So sorry...but it's looking really good...what is Zoomer passed out on (top of)?

  2. Hate when that happens! Thank goodness it happened to only one row. This is a really cute quilt and I love all of the bright colors.


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