Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner is served :D

I paper pieced a couple more kitcheny blocks today, for my "secret" project. Bella knows!!! ;) I got my potato fabric from ebay and appliqued the taters onto a paper pieced block :D The cake block is from Annette Truong. The bowl was from Cups and Saucers from Maaike Bakker :)

Fabricland's 50% off sale starts on Thursday so I can get the other goodies I need to complete this top secret project - just looking at those damn chicken drumsticks makes me laugh, LOLLLLLLLLLLLL.


  1. One of the shops here has a whole section of "food" fabrics. Quite a few snack foods ~ popcorn, chips, etc. Kinda funny but perfect for whatever it is that you are doing.

  2. You KNOW I love this...too cute!

  3. What fun this is. I love kitchen themed quilts.

  4. Yummy blocks! Cake looks good enough to eat. JuJu

  5. Soooo adorable! Now that I'm on a diet, I don't think that I could have a quilt like this because every time I look at it I'd get hungry. LOL Hmmm...wonder how many calories are in a fabric drumstick???


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