Monday, March 23, 2009

It's fruity time :)

Another completion - a tote bag and matching make-up bag - both bags are tarted up with rick rack (hard to see in the photo) - the tote has a row of it across the front (near the top), plus the handles each have two rows along the length. The makeup bag has two rows near the top of the front - I've been collecting a nice little stash of r.r. and now I'm having fun using it wherever I can! The tote is 15" X 13" x 4", and is lined with a white/black cherry print. There's a zippered pocket inside the tote. The makeup bag is 6" X 7", lined with the same cherry print.

Just so you know - when you read a tutorial on making make-up bags and they tell you to open the zipper before sewing the bag/lining together, what they REALLY mean is ... OPEN THE ZIPPER BEFORE SEWING THE BAG/LINING TOGETHER! They mean business!! I'm sure most people who sew, know exactly what I mean, LOL! All's well that ends well tho - both bags turned out very nicely :)


  1. Yes, they did turn out very nicely... and unfortunately I know EXACTLY what you mean about opening the zipper. LOL

  2. Laughing about the zipper thing! Been there, done that.
    Very cute bags and I love the fruit/flower combo. Just lovely.


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