Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What do New England Patriots and DUST have in common?

They're both in my son's bedroom, and I had to photograph carefully to avoid as much of the latter as I could :D

Here's the quilt I finished today for DS1 (the 20 year old) - featuring New England Patriots fabric from Walmart in the States - they're his favorite team :) The quilt is 72" X 90", with 9" finished blocks set 8 X 10. The backing is blue flannel, and the binding is the blue print in the alternate blocks. Because my hands are in such bad shape there's no hand sewing in this quilt - the binding was sewn on by machine (that broke my heart, but it had to be done, lol). I did stitch in the ditch quilting in all the seams because the fabric was rather "shreddy" - then I did simple freemo quilting in all the blocks to stabilize the batting so it wouldn't shift. My Husqvarna has a very wide quilting throat, but it kept spitting my needles out today so I had to do the freemo on the Elna. The Elna has a damn TINY throat area - what a pain in the ass to quilt on!! The outer rows were the easiest so they're the nicest - closer to the middle, where the fabric had to be bunched to get it under the needle, the stitches leave a lot to be desired. Oh well - it's done, it looks nice and - IT'S DONE! LOLOL!!!


  1. Awesome quilt! As a Pats fan I love it.

  2. Nice quilt! OK you have 3 electricians in the house and there is no plate cover on the outlet!! Come on Sandra .... even you can do that without being an electrician. Show them how it's done. lol!!!

  3. Wonderful quilt Sandra, it is beautiful! Wasn't your son thrilled? It is just beautiful!

  4. Fabulous quilt, Sandra! Your son is very lucky to have a beautiful quilt made by you.


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