Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why don't you build me up - build me up - buttercup baby ...

This is what I'm working on this weekend - isn't it pretty? I'm making it in summery Hawaiian type fabric. I'm working on it with a friend who coincidentally picked out fabrics almost exactly like mine - isn't that a hoot? My fabric is on top, Julie's is below - obviously we're both anxious for summer, I'd say!

Here's my finished bag --- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is TINY!!! TINY TINY TINY!!! It's only 7" tall and 11 1/2" wide - as you can see it's not much bigger than my wallet! The pattern designer said to print the pattern "Fit to Printable Area" - I think I need to pretty much double the size to make it work for me - this is too small for anything I would need a tote for. It's such a lovely, feminine pattern, but not too practical for my purposes :)

OOOoooo Julie's bag turned out beautifully - is luv-erly!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, I just got some new fabric yesterday that would be perfect for this! Thanks. Can't wait to see yours done.

  2. Your bag id very beautiful, je pense comme moi tu aimes les sacs, trousses.


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