Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bags from scraps :)

Here are the 4 bags I made from the first bag of scraps I bought from Evelyns --- the fabric is so nice to work with!

A couple of bags completed with a different set of scraps from Evelyns - the bag on the top is made from a pattern I drafted myself, and the coin purse @ the bottom is from a pattern from :)

This bag was made just so I could use up the scrap piece of pink/white/black fabric in the centre of the bag, lol.  A zipper bag made around a single scrap - I guess I must really like scraps! ;)

I also got one more watermelon placemat done tonight - only one more to go and the set is finished.  I'll take a photo of the entire set when it's completed :)

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  1. I like 'em! What do you do with all the bags you make anyhow? A girl can only have so many makeup/sewing/doodad bags!


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