Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day gift ... and my new Bella!

Last weekend I found a gorgeous small dresser on kijii - the seller was local, it was exactly the right size and the right price.  My oldest son drove me over to take a look, and we brought it home with us.  It's officially from both of the boys for Mother's Day - I just happened to get it a bit early ;)  It dates to the 1920's, and came from England (near London).   It's a lovely, lovely piece in excellent condition - I'm so happy to have found it!

Please meet Bella ... a 1953 Singer 201k low shank sewing machine.  She is gorgeous!   She's a straight stitch machine with an aluminum (apparently, from my research) body, and a wooden curved top carrying case.  I found her locally on kijiji and the seller was kind enough to bring her over to my house for a test run - she PURRRS, I tell you.  Of course, in true Typhoid Sandra fashion, the damn light bulb burned out 5 minutes after the seller left, and until I get a new bulb, I can't run the machine.  If you ever need a machine killed so you can get a new one - just leave it with me for 5 minutes!!! FFS!!!  I've already had her running so I'm not concerned, but how annoying, LOL!!!  I'll buy 2 lightbulbs when I get to the store - just in case :D

I'm a happy camper for SURE, with my beautiful new-to-me-but-vintage goodies!


  1. I love the stand and the new machine. And how much throat space is in the machine about 8 inches. make for easier quilting. PPQW

  2. Whoooohoooo! You are just dripping in good fortune, the machine is beautiful, the dresser is absolutely elegant, what a wonderful mother's day gift. Your boys are treasures :)

  3. The dresser is awesome....and I love the new machine (Bella)...Happy Mother's day!!

  4. Very very nice...lucky you...hugs Khris

  5. What a great find -- both the dresser and the machine!! Congratulations!

  6. That machine is so incredibly darling. I love my small singer portable.

  7. Well, I'm a year late, but I'm going to add my congrats anyways, Sandra. ;o) I adore vintage and you scooped two beauties. Lucky girl! Coincidentally, I'm always on Kijiji scoping out finds - I call it virtual window shopping.

    Love your Bella! She's a beauty. Have you toasted any more light bulbs since the first one? ;o) My Belle didn't even come with a bulb and I've been sewing away without one, but really need to get one - gets a bit tricky seeing when I sew in the evenings on her.


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