Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a lovely day today :)

The painters are almost finished painting, it was a beautiful warm and sunny day, and I got to go out with a friend (Nancy, aka The Tavern Wench :D) :)  We went to The Quilt Store (formerly Evelyns Sewing Centre) in Newmarket, Ontario - I picked up 3 remnants and 3 bags of fabric scraps.  Then we went for lunch @ Molisana Bakery (mmmmmmmmyummy!), then we went to Fabricland in Newmarket where I picked up some zippers, a couple more remnants, and some trim for a zipper bag I had ready to sew.  Tonight I whipped up the zipper bag - it worked out perfectly!  I got the pattern @ craftster a while back, and have made several of them - it's very easy to put together :)

I also finished up a couple more zipper bags from the last of the bones fabric I bought in Ohio a couple of years ago :D

 Here's the fabric from one of the small scrap bags I picked up @ Evelyns - all the prints go together!  It's probably about half a metre of 115cm fabric - I'm definitely going to have to pick up more of those the next time I go!  I have 2 ideas in mind for these scrap bags (one is Mrs. Myrtle :D) - will post pics when completed ;)

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  1. It was a gorgeous day, wasn't it? The scraps from that scrap bag look lovely -- now I can't wait to see what you make with them!


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